Dragon Tiger Rules | Dragon Tiger Game Rules – Learn The Basics

Basic Online Dragon Tiger Rules

Know the basics of Dragon Tiger Rules from this news page.

Enjoy playing one of the easiest games in every casino.

With your luck plus gaming skills,
enjoy a fast-pacing game and collect big wins with W88 Dragon Tiger.

Technically, Dragon Tiger is similar to India’s favorite Baccarat.

In which you can choose to bet from two different sides.

Basic Online Dragon Tiger Rules

Basic Online Dragon Tiger Rules

The game is a card comparing game between the Dragon’s hand and Tiger’s hand.

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W88 Casino Game Easy to Win

The Dragon Tiger game rules for an online platform are identical.

And the same as you play it from land-based casinos.

To be specific, the game starts by drawing each card from Dragon and Tiger.

W88 Casino Game Easy to Win - Live Tables

W88 Casino Game Easy to Win – Live Tables

The highest side with the highest rank wins that round.

Card ranking is from Ace to King.

You can play a bet whether Dragon, Tiger, or Tie.

Winning with Dragon or Tiger hand gives you a 1:1 payout.

On the other hand, a Tie bet can give you up to 11x of your wager,
depending on the developer.

Dragon Tiger rules are so simple, isn’t it?

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W88 Dragon Tiger - Virtual

W88 Dragon Tiger – Virtual

Dragon Tiger Rules – Fast and Easy to Play

Aside from the basic Dragon and Tiger bet,
there are special side bets features from some of the game developer.

It includes bets:
Dragon Even/Odd, Tiger Even/Odd, Dragon Big/Small, and Tiger Big/Small.

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Dragon Tiger Rules - Fast and Easy to Play

Dragon Tiger Rules – Fast and Easy to Play

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Conclusion for Dragon Tiger Rules

Place your bets today with Dragon or Tiger, and let your luck brings you the jackpot win!

Enjoy responsible gambling in India and play with peace of mind.

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Phone such as Android and iOS are compatible to play with, both apps and browser gaming.

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